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Just wanted to plug HamTestOnline for studying - it is an interactive online study program that was recommended to me by one of our club members. It is absolutely an awesome way to study and it helped me to recently pass my Extra license.

Please check it out.

Bill, K6BIL    6/18/2016

BARK 2017 Event Calendar Dates

The following calendar dates are BARK radio club and other ham radio related events that will occur during the calendar year 2017. Please mark these dates on your calendar. Locations and specific times will be posted at a later date.

BARK Sponsored FCC exam and general membership meetings
Sponsor: BARK Repeater Club
Date: See Dates Below
Time: 7:30 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
Location: LDS Chapel
1405 Cottonwood St
Woodland CA 95695-9999

Contact: Kenneth R. Wilson
(530) 305-4088

Saturday, May 20 Davis Double Century

Sat and Sun - June 24 thru 25 - ARRL Field Day

Saturday, August 5 Tevis Cup 100 Mile Endurance Ride

Saturday, August 12 - BARK FCC exam and general membership meeting

Fri, Sat and Sun - October 20 thru 22 - Pacificon in San Ramon (

Saturday, October 21 Foxy Fall

Saturday, November 11- BARK FCC exam and general membership/elections

Hopefully we will see you at one of the events Bill, K6BIL


Think About Serving As a Director for a Great Radio Club??

BARK Members and Guests,

It's time to think about the upcoming club elections that will take place on November 7th. As you may or may not be aware, BARK elections are held to elect the club Directors with the Directors appointing the club officers.

This is a big election year as five (5) Director positions are open. The Director terms are two years in length. Club officer terms are for 1 year.

Please consider holding one of these offices. Our club is what the members make it, and it needs the continuing ideas, input, and interest from each of you to succeed. Our past officials have spent much time and effort to keep the flame going. We have an excellent repeater site that we all use and much effort is expended to ensure its continued operation.

If you would like to be on the ballot or would like to nominate someone for any of these positions, please email me or Bob Jordon. Voting will take place at the November 7 meeting.

Bill Gustavson (K6BIL) at
Bob Jordon (KI6BZR) at

Any ideas are always appreciated in any club. Serving on the board is the perfect way to be involved in making the club what you'd like it to be. The presentrepeater/BBS/Mesh NET system we have in place is a perfect example of the great ideas and innovation emanating from the Board and members. Let's keep it moving forward.

Technical discussions and forums are always a part of the BARK general meeting and this year we have three speakers:

Bill, K6KN Discussion on HF antenna choices for your home station. Bill will illustrate the pros and cons of the different antenna systems along with how to use them given variances in local requirements and physical impediments.

Joe, AG6QO "Portable Packet and Radio Mail" - Joe will demonstrate some very portable devices which are available and allow ultra-portable packet operation. He will demonstrate them and how to use them to leverage local digital resources for everyday ham use as well as emergency communications.

Damian, AB6WB Audio Amplifier Show and Tell Damian will illustrate what an audio amplifier is, how they work, the different types and the intricacies of each.

Hope to see you at the November meeting as we have a great and very informative agenda.


To BARK membership
It has been proposed that the Current dues payment process be changed to a fixed payment date. This date will be June first and will become effective on 6/1/2014.
Those with current paid dues will either be prorated or partial billed to get to the June date. All new members will be billed a partial bill to get to that date.
Those who are already paid beyond 6/1/2014 will receive a partial billing for the following year.
Members with currently past due accounts can contact Ken Wilson to determine the correct amount to bring you into this new billing system.
Thank you for your continued support of the Berryessa Amateur Radio "K"lub.
Contact information for Ken:
530 305-4088

New Packet BBS, AG6QO-1, now available on 144.370

BARK member Joe DeAngelo, AG6QO, has recently fired up a new packet BBS in Winters, CA on 144.37. It can be accessed directly by connecting to AG6QO-1, or farther out by connecting to the BERR37 node on Mt. Berryessa, and then to AG6QO-1.
Read more..    12/5/2013

Packet BBS to be Added to the BARK Repeater Facility

At the October 19, 2013 BARK General Meeting, BARK member Joe DeAngelo, AG6QO, gave a presentation on the packet BBS that he is developing. By November 15, BARK repeater users should enjoy access to 2 nodes which will permit great communication with BBS stations allowing messages to be forwarded thoughout California. Joe is working closely with BARK members Ken, K6WLS and Bill, K6KN, to facilitate this very useful asset, vastly increasing the flexibility and usefulness of the BARK repeater facility. The BBS will also be a great attribute in facilitating emergency, radio-linked, digital communications. Thank you Joe.

Order Your BARK Cups and Badges

Bill, K6BIL, has just recently ordered and recieved some BARK badges and mugs. Find out how you can order cups and badges from a fellow ham.



Due to a lot of hard work by Ken, K6WLS, and Bill, K6KN, we now have an operational ECHOLINK system. The node # is 750550. We encourage you to try the system out. Bill, K6BIL, has already used it to make NET contacts, in addition to calling club members from far away places such as Rockville, MD (to talk to sane people outside the DC beltway), Redondo Beach (to rub it in) and Lancaster, CA (to solicit sympathy). As we are in the early stages and still have a few minor glitches, please be patient with the system. Enjoy!!!    5/1/2013

The BARK repeater is working better than ever

On Saturday, August 11, Bill, K6KN, and Ken, K6WLS, made the trip to the repeater site and made repairs to the computer. The receive sensitivity has been greatly improved. It is now very easy to hit the repeater with an HT from the Davis, Woodland area. If you are up at Apple Hill, you can hit the repeater with an HT. Thank you Bill and Ken!    8/12/2012

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