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 1/30/2004 Emergency Equipment Portable Wind Generator
The Japanese company New Power Ltd, is manufacturing a small
portable wind generator with a propeller diameter of 1 meter. It is
designed to assemble easily in the field for temporary operation.

The size, weight, and power level make it useful for medium power HF
backpack portable or pedestrian mobile operation.

The New Power model NP-30 lightweight windplant (2kg) charges 12VDC
battery systems at low wind velocity:
4 meters/second (9mph) wind produces 10W (.75A)
9 meters/second (20mph) wind produces 33W (2.5A)

Cost 86,000 Yen (US$813)
 1/3/2004 Emergency Equipment
Portable Battery Box
Here is a description of a portable battery capable of running a 2m Mobile (50 W) or HF rig (100 W) for a reasonable period of time and be ready to go at a moments notice for emergency communication.
 1/3/2004 Emergency Equipment
Ham Radio Online - Using Solar Power
Solar PV is ideal for powering Amateur radio equipment because PV panels are almost always designed to charge 12 volt battery systems. Coincidently, most Amateur radio equipment is designed to operate from 12 volt power supplies. Naturual diasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, severe storms and blizzards all knock out commercial power systems. Because ham radio is often used for both primary and backup and communications in times of disaster, its nice to have a reliable source of power to keep your radios running.
 1/3/2004 Emergency Equipment
Trickle Charger Information
The idea of a trickle charger is that it can be left charging the battery continuously without fear of damage to the battery.
 1/3/2004 Emergency Equipment
Ham Radio Use and Care of Batteries
Ham Radio Use and Care of Batteries
 1/2/2004 Emergency Equipment Emergency/Alternative Power
Emergency power and the amateur radio service are bound together. Deep cycle and gel-cell batteries are usually indispensable when putting together an effective emergency power system.
 12/14/2003 Hardware
Emergency Equipment
Emergency Communications Portable Base Station
Build a portable station that packs a punch, in both all-in-one and modular models.
 12/13/2003 Emergency Equipment Bi-Directional Vertical Antenna
If you need a vertically polarized bi-directional 2-meter antenna with deep side nulls for direction finding or nulling out adjacent channel interference, try the half-square.
 12/13/2003 Callout Equipment
Emergency Equipment
ARES Boom Box
A portable communications center featuring a VHF/UHF radio, and a built-in 12.5 amp switching power supply that runs off 120 VAC. Box can also be powered from external DC. Enclosed 36 amp/hour, (2) 6 volt gel-cells, can power the unit at low (5 watts), intermediate (10 watts) or high power. Four voltage LED's provide battery status. A cooling fan with two speeds circulates air around hot components and exhausts at the rear. A 4 inch, front mounted speaker, can be switched off. Two top mounted jacks are provided for headphones or audio out for packet operation. Basic needs are stored in the top, such as pens, flashlight, spare fuses, adapters and the microphone.
 12/9/2003 Emergency Equipment ARRLWeb: Emergency/Alternative Power
The Emergency/Alternative Power page has links to resources and articles related to emergency and alternative power.
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