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 9/5/2006 Emergency Communications EMCOM Communications: FAMILY / NEIGHBORHOOD EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS
The purpose of this document is to establish common guidelines for the planning, establishment, administration and operation of a nationally coordinated Neighborhood Emergency Radio Communications Service (NERCS) which provides a fast, efficient and economical means of fulfilling emergency communications requirements while decreasing frequency (channel) and message handling congestion. Standards, policies and procedures are strongly suggested to ensure commonality in purpose, operations and equipment allowing for simple interface and integration with other agencies and services including both local organizations/entities and those that may respond from other areas to aid in emergency / disaster situations. Such uniformity insures seamless, uninterrupted direct radio communications.
 9/5/2006 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Communications
DC Emergency Radio Network
Covering the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and Beyond
The DC Emergency Radio Network is an alternate means of communication during an emergency. If there's a power, telephone, cell phone or Internet failure, the DC Emergency Radio Network (DCERN) can keep you in touch with your neighbors, your family and officials.

DCERN uses Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios on channel 1, no privacy channel (subchannel 0).
 3/12/2006 Emergency Communications
Callout Equipment
ARRLWeb: Surfin': Boxing A Radio
Instead of thinking outside of the box, we think about how to get a radio inside the box.
Andy Palm, N1KSN, is a member of Winnebago County ARES/RACES in Wisconsin and an occasional net control station for public service events with the Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club in Appleton, WI. As a result of his public service radio activity, Andy decided to build a portable VHF station.
 12/3/2005 ARES/RACES Groups
Emergency Communications
Los Angeles Fire Department ACS
Auxiliary Communication Service web site
 10/23/2005 Training
Emergency Communications
Missouri Section ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Training Info from W0GAB, Missouri Section ARES Training Coordinator

 10/6/2005 Emergency Communications
HB CERT Comm Links
Huntington Beach CERT Communications info
 9/30/2005 Ham Radio
Emergency Communications
FIRE CHIEF: Magazine: Amateur Power
Until digital communications systems are fully implemented, look to an already-available back-up system: ham radios.
 8/30/2005 Emergency Communications Communications Infrastructure No Match for Katrina
n this age of cheap commoditized consumer electronics and advanced mobile technology, why can't all the people of a city make contact during an emergency? The Red Cross tomorrow expects to begin deploying a host of systems it will need, including satellite telephones, portable satellite dishes, specially equipped communications trucks, high- and low-band radio systems, and generator-powered wireless computer networks.
 10/22/2004 Emergency Communications Mountain Wave Emergency Communications
Volunteer, non-profit search and rescue (SAR) organization that incorporates amateur radio.
 3/29/2004 Emergency Communications
ARES Procedures
A Weekly Bulletin for ARES and other EMCOMM Operators and Public Safety Officials in "the west". ..and beyond.
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