Repeater 146.970 MHz PL 123.0
Echolink: Node: 750550
2M Packet on 145.050
Full-service Packet BBS on 144.37 accessible via Node BERR37

The BARK repeater is located 22 miles west of Woodland Ca. at 3000ft, and is maintained by the Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub, known as BARK.

BARK has a net every Sunday night at 07:30 PM for the purpose of providing information to members, making announcements, passing traffic, selling equipment, and anything else that may be of interest to the amateur radio community. Visitors are welcome to check in after the membership roll call.

2nd 180 W Solar Panel Installed

Today, K6WLS and AG6QO installed the 2nd 180W solar panel, backing up the FM repeater. At this point, the two BBS packet nodes and the FM repeater, should be able to run indefinitely upon loss of grid power.

These replace the smaller units damaged in last December's wind storm.


180 W Solar panel now powering BBS Packet Nodes

K6WLS and AG6QO installed the first of potentially three 180 W solar panels at the repeater site today, which will eventually make the site able to run indefinitely during loss of grid power.


3rd Quarter Board Meeting

The third quarter meeting of the BARK Board of Directors will be held on Saturday, July 14 at 9am. The place is to be announced. Board Members should expect an email announcing the place within the next few weeks.


May 11 General Meeting Minutes are posted

The minutes of the May 11 General Membership meeting have been posted and can be viewed here.

August Testing and General Meeting Location : Winters CA

Reminder, the August 11 FCC Testing Session and the BARK General Meeting will be held at the
Winters CA EOC at 702 Main St. Winters.

The Final General Meeting of the year and the final test session of the year in November, will be back at the usual locations.

The remaining 2018 General meetings will be held as follows:

Sat. Aug 11, 10am-noon - Winters EOC, 702 Main St, Winters, CA 95694
Sat. Nov 10, 10am-noon - 500 1st St, Woodland

Remaining 2018 FCC Test Sessions will be held the morning of the same days:

Sat. Aug 11, 7:30am - 9:30am - Winters EOC, 702 Main St, Winters, CA 95694
Sat. Nov 10, 7:30am - 9:30am - LDS Chapel on Pioneer, Woodland    5/13/2018

February Meeting Minutes Posted

The minutes from the February 2018 General Meeting have been posted online and can be downloaded here:

Silent Keys

It is with heavy heart we call attention to the passing of two fine long-standing BARK members.

In July 2017, we lost past BARK Director "Sam" Bledsoe, N7DTW. Sam's wit and intellect will be sorely missed.

More recently, Rose Jolly, W6QPV, who often graced our Sunday night nets, moved on to a higher plane.
Her kind, gentile nature lifted the spirits of those with whom she crossed paths. We will always remember her with great fondness.

Our love and sympathies are with their friends and families. We cannot adequately express our thanks for their contributions to our hobby and community.

2018 BARK General Meeting and FCC Test Schedule

The 2018 General meetings will be held as follows:

Sat. Feb 10, 10am-noon - 500 1st St, Woodland
Sat. May 12, 10am-noon - 500 1st St, Woodland
Sat. Aug 11, 10am-noon - Winters EOC, 702 Main St, Winters, CA 95694
Sat. Nov 10, 10am-noon - TBD -
Check back for locations for the Nov meeting.

FCC Test Sessions will be held the morning of the same days:

Sat. Feb 10, 7:30am - 9:30am LDS Chapel on Pioneer, Woodland
Sat. May 12, 7:30am - 9:30am LDS Chapel on Pioneer, Woodland
Sat. Aug 11, 7:30am - 9:30am - Winters EOC, 702 Main St, Winters, CA 95694
Sat. Nov 10, 7:30am - 9:30am - LDS Chapel on Pioneer, Woodland

Ken says, "There is a new technician test question pool coming up for July 1, 2018 so if you have someone or know of anyone studying for their license we need to let them know to test before then."    1/27/2018

Good news! KE6YUV repeater is back up and running!

Ken K6WLS and Bill K6KN went up to the repeater site on Thursday. They hooked up two spare antennas as a temporary fix to get the repeater back up and running.
Thank you Ken and Bill!    12/21/2017

KE6YUV Repeater down

December 18, 2017
The strong winds this last weekend cause the tower from the communications vault next to us to topple.
When their tower fell, it took out the KE6YUV repeater antennas and stripped the coax from our tower. On a positive note, the packet nodes KBERR and BERR37 are still operating.

Repairs will take time.
View a couple of photos.    12/19/2017

BARK Directors 2017

Mick-W6KRY 2017-2019

Bill R-K6KN 2017-2019

Doug-KJ6VHE 2017-2019

Joe-AG6QO 2017-2019

Damien-AB6WB 2017-2019

Paul-KJ6GCP 2016-2018

John-W6FAQ 2016-2018


Packet Workshop II - November 4 - 9:30 until 12:00

BARK is planning a follow up to last month's packet workshop. This is an introductory workshop intended to get everyone's equipment communicating. If there is time left over, we'll cover operational aspects of packet.

Please come prepared with your intended packet equipment, including cables.

Look over the preparatory notes and material here:

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!    10/21/2017

ATTENTION: A Packet Radio Work Shop - Sept 16

BARK sponsored Packet Radio Workshop - Sept 16 , 1000 to 1200 hours, at the offices of Luhdorff and Scalmanini CE, Main Conference Room, 500 First Street, Woodland, CA. Coffee, juice and donuts provided by BARK. Visitors welcome!!

The following is a message from Joe, AG6QO who will be heading up the workshop.

"Please note that we are planning to hold a packet beginner's workshop on September 16, at 10am until about noon. If you need help getting started with packet, bring your rig, your tnc/modem, a laptop or other computer device. If you have 'em bring a battery and cables as well.

I will plan to have a 75A 12V supply, an antenna and coax, my packet gear including laptop, and my toolbox.

The most time-consuming part of setting up a station is making the cables to connect the TNC/modem to the radio. They are often custom for the TNC/radio-pair. It will make the most of our time if you will have built them and tested them ahead of time, but if you need help, no problem!

If we have time, we can cover some of the operational points in addition to getting your packet system running.

Look forward to seeing you there!



AG6QO"    8/13/2017

BARK General Membership Meeting for 12 August 2017

Agenda for the BARK General Membership Meeting
Sat. 12 August 2017
Held at the offices of:
Luhdorff and Scalmanini, 500 First Street, Woodland, CA
1000 to 1200 hours

1.  Introduction of members and visitors – roll call

2.  Treasurers Report – Doug KJ6VHE

3.  Membership Report – Doug KJ6CHE

4.  Repeater Maintenance – Ken K6WLS and Bill K6BIL

5.  Director Elections – Committee Formation – Election Nov 11, 2017

6.  Club Officers Appointments – Committee Formation

7.  Presentation – Damian – AB6WB – “How To Do Efficient and Logical Trouble Shooting” - Damian will walk through a logical process when troubleshooting issues with your radio station components

8.  Presentation – Joe – AG6QO – “A Primer on Packer Radio” - Joe will present the basics of Packet Radio and how to set up your station to do packet radio.

9.  New and Old Business

10.  Close of business and pizza for lunch plus two door prizes to be awarded


BARK 2017 Event Calendar Dates

The following calendar dates are BARK radio club and other ham radio related events that will occur during the calendar year 2017. Please mark these dates on your calendar. Locations and specific times will be posted at a later date.

BARK Sponsored FCC exams are generally held at the LDS Chapel in Woodland.

Sponsor: BARK Repeater Club
Date: See Dates Below
Time: 7:30 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
Location: LDS Chapel
850 Pioneer Avenue
Woodland CA 95776

Contact: Kenneth R. Wilson
(530) 305-4088

General membership meetings are usually held at 10:00am following test sessions:

Date: See dates below
Time: 10:00am
Location: 500 1st Street
Woodland CA

Event Dates ----------------------------------------

Saturday, May 20 – Davis Double Century

Sat and Sun - June 24 thru 25 - ARRL Field Day

Saturday, August 5 – Tevis Cup 100 Mile Endurance Ride

Saturday, August 12 - BARK FCC exam and general membership meeting

Fri, Sat and Sun - October 20 thru 22 - Pacificon in San Ramon (

Saturday, October 21 – Foxy Fall

Saturday, November 11- BARK FCC exam and general membership/elections

Hopefully we will see you at one of the events – Bill, K6BIL



To BARK membership
It has been proposed that the Current dues payment process be changed to a fixed payment date. This date will be June first and will become effective on 6/1/2014.
Those with current paid dues will either be prorated or partial billed to get to the June date. All new members will be billed a partial bill to get to that date.
Those who are already paid beyond 6/1/2014 will receive a partial billing for the following year.
Members with currently past due accounts can contact Ken Wilson to determine the correct amount to bring you into this new billing system.
Thank you for your continued support of the Berryessa Amateur Radio "K"lub.
Contact information for Ken:
530 305-4088

New Packet BBS, AG6QO-1, now available on 144.370

BARK member Joe DeAngelo, AG6QO, has recently fired up a new packet BBS in Winters, CA on 144.37. It can be accessed directly by connecting to AG6QO-1, or farther out by connecting to the BERR37 node on Mt. Berryessa, and then to AG6QO-1.
Read more..    12/5/2013

Packet BBS to be Added to the BARK Repeater Facility

At the October 19, 2013 BARK General Meeting, BARK member Joe DeAngelo, AG6QO, gave a presentation on the packet BBS that he is developing. By November 15, BARK repeater users should enjoy access to 2 nodes which will permit great communication with BBS stations allowing messages to be forwarded thoughout California. Joe is working closely with BARK members Ken, K6WLS and Bill, K6KN, to facilitate this very useful asset, vastly increasing the flexibility and usefulness of the BARK repeater facility. The BBS will also be a great attribute in facilitating emergency, radio-linked, digital communications. Thank you Joe.

Order Your BARK Cups and Badges

Bill, K6BIL, has just recently ordered and recieved some BARK badges and mugs. Find out how you can order cups and badges from a fellow ham.